10 Tips for a successful interview

Interview is an important round for checking eligibility of a candidate for a specific job. It is basically a conversation between employer and candidate. Some questions are asked by interviewer for the candidate to check his knowledge of subject, psychology, behavior and other aspects of his personality. This article provides tips for a successful interview.

Tips for a successful interview

Candidates  often find themselves nervous or lose confidence before appearing for an interview. You can follow given ten tips to remain confident while  facing the interview.

1. Know you CV

You CV reflects your overall personality including your academics, achievements and hobbies. You should have complete grip on everything you have mentioned in your CV.

For example, If you have mentioned that you like Cricket, you must have detailed knowledge of  rules and regulations, top players, achievements of your country in Cricket.

Similarly if you mention your hobby you must be aware of different aspects of hobby you are mentioning. For example, you have mentioned that you like classical songs, you must be aware of famous classical singers, different ragas and other information related to classical songs.

You CV should also mention what better you can do for growth the organization.

If you are already working, you must specify the logical reason to leave the present job. Never say that you are quitting current job due to lesser salary or bad work culture. It should preferably be reason of growth.

You must have a strong reason why the interviewer should hire you. Give them a reason to choose you.

2. Know the organization

You should have good knowledge of the organization where you are appearing for interview. You can get information about the organization from existing employees or organization website.

You have to work for the organization so they expect that you should be well-informed of the organization, its products, services as well as industry.

3. Show what you really are

You should present yourself what you actually are. Don’t  try to be someone you are not. Keep in mind that interviewer is an expert of his domain and will easily catch any dishonest statement or actions made by you.

4. Maintain an eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with interviewer reflects confidence. So you must  maintain eye contact with the interviewer who is asking questions from you.

There must not be too much eye contact. As a general rule, eye contact should not be more than 60% of time.

Looking here and there shows that you are nervous. Maintaining eye contact is not easy for everyone so you must practice it with your friends or your near ones before appearing for interview.

5. Body language

Body language is the language of gestures. Most of the communication done during interview is non-verbal.  

You should sit straight while attending an interview. Your back should be against the back of chair with your feet flat on the floor. You should bend your knees at a right angle.

You should sit using enough space to sit comfortably. Taking up proper space for sitting improves confidence.

While standing you should draw an imaginary straight line right from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee to the middle of your ankle.

While walking you should keep your head straight. Tuck your chin slightly in. You should walk slowly and calmly. It shows that you’re confident and free of worry. Avoid actions that look panicky.

Fiddling with your hair, rubbing your hands, shaking your legs or tapping your feet show that you are nervous.

Never cross your arms during an interview as it shows that you are defensive and closed person. Similarly if you cross your legs away suggests that you are feeling uncomfortable.

You should avoid wrinkling your face or clenching your jaw. Such gestures make others feel that you are nervous.

You must display engaged body language. It involves using open gestures, nodding and mirroring the movements and expressions of interviewer.

After your interview is finished , You must say thank you.

6. Keep smile on your face

A genuine smile tells others that you are cooperative, approachable and trustworthy. A genuine smile lights up the face and crinkles the eyes. It also displays positive emotional state. Smiling also improves health and   manages stress level. Smiling slows down heart beat as well as and relaxes the body.

7. Practice your handshake

Your handshake should neither be too hard nor too soft. You should keep it firm and confident. You should practice such a handshake with your friends or siblings.

8. Dress appropriately

You should wear formals while going for interview. You should dress smartly and neatly.
Tuck your hair properly. Do not wear any uncomfortable dress. If ladies are wearing sarees they should pin it properly.

9. Use your hands while speaking

Hand gestures are linked to speech. Using hand gestures while talking can power up your thinking. Physical act of gesturing helps you to form clearer thoughts and speak in tighter sentences.

10. Use power poses

A study by a social psychologist reveals that standing or sitting with certain poses for two or more minutes raises testosterone and lower stress hormones. These poses involve opening up or stretching your body. These power poses make you feel more confident and powerful.


This article has provided different tips for a successful interview. These tips are:

  • knowing your CV
  • Knowing the organization
  • Presenting your real self
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Knowing your body language
  • Keeping smile on your face
  • Practicing handshake
  • Proper dresssup
  • Using hands while speaking
  • Using power poses

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