19 techniques to reduce stress

Do you sometimes feel stressed ?  If yes, read the following article to know the techniques to reduce stress.

Stress is part of modern life. Prolonged stress can result in incurable diseases as well as conflicts in relationships. There are “19 techniques to reduce stress”. These techniques have been practically implemented. You can surely get relieved from stress by implementing these techniques in your life.

19 techniques to reduce stress are:

Self Hypnosis

“Self hypnosis is making up your mind for something”

It is the process of making our mind believe something which is opposite of current situation. For example, we are suffering from some disease. We can repeatedly tell our mind to believe that we are disease free. This process should be repeated many times in a day and even for weeks until we achieve the needed health. It really works.

Express your emotions

“Expression opens up the way to release your emotions”.

We should always express our emotions especially anger. The best technique for expressing the emotions is to write on a blank paper what you feel about a situation or a person.  We can write anything on that piece of paper. It really helps to release the negative emotions. Then this piece of paper should be burnt to ashes. This technique surely makes one feel better.

Healthy Food

“Healthy food makes healthy body”.

We should always eat healthy food. Healthy food makes us feel better because it nourishes our body and gives us more energy. We should preferably eat live food (fruit and vegetables). It is better to avoid Non-Veg if possible.

Listen to music

“Music has the capacity to change your vibrations”.

By listening to music we shift our vibrations from stress to happiness.  Sometimes when don’t want to listen music in stress but we must try to play music because it will make us come out of stress quickly. It is always better to listen classical music or slow music. Sad songs must be avoided as they would make you more sad.

Sound sleep

“Sound sleep is the basic necessity of healthy body and healthy mind”

Sound sleep is always more refreshing than any other technique. Sometimes a short nap during the day can also give more energy. By sleeping, our conscious mind takes rest and unconscious mind can find solutions to the problems we are facing. We must sleep for 8 hours a day to keep our body and mind free from stress.


“Smile increases beauty of face and laughter increases beauty of whole body”.

Laughter removes stress as it reduces the level of stress hormones. We must laugh out loudly for at least 5 to 10 minutes in a day. Moreover laughter also helps better intake of oxygen.

Clear objective

“Make a clear goal”

We should have a clear objective to do something in our life. We easily get stressed when we don’t clearly know the reason for working. We should clearly define the objective so that we would be aware of the results we want to get.


“Do you want to be fit?” If yes, please exercise daily.

We should regularly perform physical exercise. Exercise strengthens our body muscles and refreshes our mind. It also allows us to take our mind away from the matter that causes the stresses.


“Set your priorities”.

We should clearly define our priorities in our life. We always know what is more important in our life? If we don’t clearly know what’s important in our life, it would create unnecessary headaches and other stress related problems. Priorities should be always in our mind because they guide us to take actions to improve our life and well being.

One thing at a time

“Multitasking degrades performance”.

Our mind can only deal with one thing at a time so we should do only one work at a time. If we have more than one goal in our mind at a  time, It will surely create stress. We can divide a problem into small steps and execute those steps one at a time. This will definitely make us more productive.


“Meditate regularly to remain calm”

Meditation relaxes our muscles and helps our mind to take rest. If we meditate regularly, we become much more relaxed in our everyday activities.

Time Management

“Time once gone never comes back”.

Stress can also occur because of spending a very large amount of our time in one area of our life and not paying attention to the other areas. For example, we are always busing in doing work ignoring family, children and health which will only result in more stress.

Avoid reasons of stress

It is always better to avoid stressful situations, problems and people because they damage our health. So if we are regularly stressed at work it is better to switch job otherwise we will either have a heart attack or some other organ failure because our organs cannot work long under constant pressure.

Accept the situation

“Acceptance is the best way to live life”.

If there is some stressful situation in our life that we absolutely must live with, then just accept it and don’t fight against it. When we accept something , our stress levels surely  goes down. 

Do something we love

We must find time to do what we really enjoy. By doing what we love, our health will improve and our stress will be reduced.

No Multitasking

Multitasking creates stress and results are always not good. To be productive and not stressed it is always better to do one thing at a time


Going out for a walk is an excellent way to relax our body and reduce stress levels.

Reduce Tea/Coffee intake

More tea/coffee we drink, the more stressed we can become. It is better to drink green tea as it has the ability to reduce stress.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination creates stress due to delay in actions. So it is always better to do the work immediately.


In this article, different tips have been provided to reduce stress which are expression of emotions ,healthy food, music, sound sleep, laughter, clear objective, exercising the body, setting priorities, meditation, no multitasking , going out for a walk and avoiding intake of tea/coffee. 

19 techniques to reduce stress 

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