4th Industrial Revolution in India

Fourth industrial revolution is on its way. India is emerging as a global leader in implementing it hence leading the entire world.This article is dedicated on how 4th Industrial Revolution in India has entered.

India has already launched Center for the fourth Industrial Revolution under the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

It has been established in Delhi. This center is a part of a network that includes the USA, China and Japan. They  will work in collaboration with National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) to  design policies and protocols for emerging technologies  with leaders from academics, start-ups, business and global organizations.

4th Industrial Revolution in India

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution aims to bring together state governments, business leaders, civil society and experts to design and implement technology. It aims at development and use of technology to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

Government of India in association with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India have agreed to work on following projects:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

India wants to become an AI powerhouse. Government has recently announced a National Programme on AI to guid the research and development in this area.

The programme has already partnered with several leading AI technology players to implement AI projects in critical areas such as agriculture and health.

The government has given special focus on areas where AI can advance the human condition, such as healthcare and environment. It has not neglected the concerns including data privacy, transparency, accountability and bias.

The Government of Maharashtra is planning to start a drone mapping operation in the field of agriculture.

A group of government departments,  civil society groups including farmer organizations and private sector have a vision to design a drone based platform where the data from different sources can be analyzed to increase efficiency and improve crop yields and reducing crop diseases.

It will also make  predictions about agriculture and advise farmers for appropriate farming practices.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

More than 56% of companies working in the financial services industry in India aim to engage themselves with blockchain.  Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies

It  will have a good effect on funds transfer infrastructure, digital identity management systems and post-trade settlements.

Blockchain has already brought transparency and efficiency to financial transaction. It can also do the same for global supply chain, cross border data flow as well as land records. It can also bring changes in government services and natural resource management in future.

Impacts of 4th Industrial revolution in India

Future  impacts of 4th Industrial  revolution on India will be great. It will affect following areas:


Powerful computing devices, networks, digital services  and mobile devices will help in expanding education and information access to the farthest corners of India. It will improve the lives of citizens of India.

New Opportunities

It will bring new work opportunities for Indian citizens. New innovations will bring more people into the global economy.

They will get access to new products and services as well as new markets. People will get opportunities to learn and earn in new ways. It will also improve income of people.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Revolution in the field of artificial intelligence will transform many jobs and new kinds of jobs will be generated that will result in faster economic growth. Workers can spend more time on creative and complex tasks that machines can’t handle.

Product related services

Using online shopping websites for purchasing things and drones in delivery services will transform the lives and economic conditions of people living in remote and rural places of India.


Advancements  in biomedical sciences will give healthier lives and longer life spans. Innovations in neuroscience like connecting the human brain to computers will enhance intelligence of human beings

Using robots with human problem-solving skills will change the future of nation.


Advancements in automotive safety will reduce road accidents, insurance costs as well as pollution. Autonomous vehicles will change the living spaces of cities and roads hence generating more free space for citizens especially in metro cities.


There will be growth in agriculture sector to improve crop yields and reduce crop diseases. Accurate predictions about agriculture will  be made in advance and  farmers will be informed about appropriate farming practices hence increasing income of farmers in India.


This article contains information impacts of 4th industrial revolution in India. It displays information about different steps and projects taken by Indian government for implementing 4th industrial revolution in India along with its future impacts.

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