Benefits of meditation

There are infinite benefits of mediation. In this article, Few Benefits of meditation have been discussed:

1. Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of meditation is the peace of mind. With gradual practice of meditation, mental peace starts happening automatically.  Your external situations start affecting you lesser than earlier. You can view your problems clearly and find their solutions with cool mind.

2. Healthy relationships

This is another most important benefit of mediation. You automatically start making healthy relationships with everyone. They may be your family members or people outside. You become more understanding by nature. You start analyzing problems of others as per their views. Hence  resulting in healthy relationships.

3. Positive Mindset

You start becoming more positive. You analyze all life situations with positive mindset. So solutions found by you are also positive which are beneficial for you as well as society.

4. Acceptance

There is a popular proverb that says “Accept what you can’t change”.

Most of the problems in life are due to not accepting the life situations. For example, most of us are not happy because we are unable to accept our boss , other people and job.  Meditation helps you to accept the people and situations as they are.  Which further helps you to stay calm and relaxed.

5. Aging

Mediation helps you to stay forever young.  A recent scientific study reveals that meditation releases such hormones in body that slow the process of aging. You look younger than others of your age.

6. Health benefits

This is one of the biggest benefits of meditation. Meditation helps to keep your blood pressure normal. Which further saves you from the dangers of high blood pressure and hearth attack.  One article published in “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine”  states that 66% of high blood pressure patients stopped taking medicine after they started meditating.

Meditation  also improves the immunity of your body which saves you from different other diseases.

7. Less stress

Stress is the basic reason of all kinds of diseases.  Meditation relaxes our muscles and helps our mind to take rest. If we meditate regularly, we become much more relaxed in our everyday activities. Hence reducing stress.

8. Intuition

Meditation improves your intuition power. This helps you to judge the people and situations properly. So that you don’t take wrong decisions in your life. Which saves you from different types of problems.

9. More energy

You always feel more energized. This energy helps you to do all real life tasks with more enthusiasm and energy.  Moreover you suffer from less fatigue.

10. Sleep

Many health problems occur if we don’t sleep properly. In the modern world, it is seen that many people are unable to sleep properly.  Mediation helps in sound sleep.

11. Communication Skills

Meditation improves your communication skills. As you are generally at peace,  It becomes easy for you to present your thoughts in an effective manner.

12. Fearlessness

You start becoming fearless. You don’t get afraid of real life problems and troublesome people. Moreover you become able to handle them with peace and calmness.

13. Clarity

Your can clearly view actual real life situations and take appropriate actions.

14. Long life

A study shows that people who meditate live a longer and healthier life.

15. Concentration

Meditation improves concentration power. Which is helpful in remaining concentrated towards job in hand.

16. For students

It specifically helps students to learn their subjects fast and keep the learnt material into their brains for a longer time. Meditation activates certain areas of brain which are responsible for learning and remembering the things.


In this article , different benefits of mediation have been specified. These benefits include peace of mind, healthy relationship with others, positive mindset, acceptance, slow aging, lesser stress, strong intuition power, lesser stress,  more energized with more clarity, sound sleep and longer life. It also improves concentration. It also helps students in their studies.

Benefits of meditation           

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