How to meditate

In today’s stressful world where everyone is involved in a rat race of earning money, meditation is the method for keeping yourself grounded and relaxed. There are many techniques for meditation as taught by different spiritual leaders and organizations. The easiest technique of “how to meditate” is as follows:

1. Position

The very first step in mediation is the position. You must be comfortable while meditating. Any kind of obstruction  will not allow you to meditate properly. It is always better to keep mobile phone in silent mode while meditating. You can sit on floor as well as on a chair.

While sitting on floor, it is good have a woolen mat on the floor. It is always preferred to sit in cross-legged position.
While meditating on a chair,  it is good to keep legs straight.  Feet must touch the ground. It is also preferred to keep woolen mat under your feet.

It is always good to do meditation in noise free environment as there will be no distraction due to noise.

2. Eyes

It is always advised to keep your eyes close. Eyes are the basic source of thoughts as this is the organ mostly used to see and evaluate things around us. Keeping your eyes open may distract you towards your surroundings.

3. Hands

how to meditate
how to meditate

It is good to keep your hands upward in your lap.  You should place right hand over the left hand.

You can also keep your hands at your knees. Left hand on left knee and right hand on right knee. We should  join thumb and primary finger of both the hands.

Keeping hands this way help to complete energy cycle so that energy doesn’t go wasted.

4. Back

We should keep our back straight during meditation. It makes the path of energy movement in body easy.

5. Relaxing

After sitting in proper position with proper position of hands and back, you need to  relax your body. We can relax our body slowly in the following way:

  • First of all relax your face.
  • Then relax both the shoulders.
  •  Relax both your eyes. You should feel your eyes to be placed on cotton.
  • Legs should be relaxed.
  • In this way , relax your whole body.

6. Breathing

how to meditate
how to meditate

Breathing is the very important part of meditation. After relaxing the whole body, we need to observe our breathing in the following way:

  • Feel the air entering your nostrils while you inhale at the point of inhaling .
  • Inhaled air should reach naval center.
  • Feel the air coming out from your nostrils while your exhale.
  • Complete focus should be upon inhaling and exhaling.

7. Thoughts

In the beginning when we start meditating, there is always a bombardment of thoughts. These are suppressed thoughts which are lying in unconscious mind . Let them arise. Don’t be involved with them. Always look at them like  an observer.

There are chances that you may get lost in flow of your thoughts. Just come back whenever possible.

Repeat the whole process for 5 to 10 minutes. This time can be increased as per your convenience. Your thoughts will gradually disappear.  You will feel very light at the end. Then you can slowly open your eyes. Sit in the same position for some time with open eyes. Slowly move your hands, legs and other body parts . Now you can  get up.


This article contains  tips on how to meditate. They include position and posture, observing breathing, position of hands, closing of eyes along with relaxing of body. This meditation technique has been practically implemented. Meditation further helps to control your anger as well as reduce stress.

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