How to use law of attraction to achieve everything

This article demonstrates law of attraction. It also provides tips on how to use law of attraction to achieve everything in your life.

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction states that you can attract anything and everything by thinking strongly about what you want to have .

In your life, you use it many times but you are generally  not aware of it. You may have noted that if something bad happens in the morning, your whole day will get spoiled. It happens because once you become negative in the morning, you will attract same kind of thoughts throughout the day making you more and more negative and attracting more negative people and situations.

Similarly if you are happy, you will keep attracting more and more happy events and people. So you need to stay happy and positive if you want to attract happiness and positivity.

How to use Law of Attraction

It is very easy to use law of attraction in your life. You need to implement following points to use this law:

1. Positive Thinking

It is seen that most of time people are negative. In a survey it has been seen that 70% of our thoughts are related to some kind of fear or worry. Law of attraction does not work with negative thoughts.

So you need to be positive to make law of attraction work for you. You can use following techniques to become positive:

a. Motivational Content

You can take help of self help books or watch seminars of popular motivational speakers to become positive. There are many websites which can surely help you to become more positive. You can also read positive affirmations given by great leaders of the world to become positive.

b. Meditation

You can also meditate to remove your negative thoughts and become more positive. Meditation helps to calm your mind and relax muscles of brain. Once you become calm it becomes easy for you to become positive. Click here to know how to meditate.

c. Replace your thoughts 

Replacing of thoughts is a very good method to become positive. In this technique we replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

For example, you can replace your negative  thoughts with positive thoughts as:

  •  “I find it very hard to study mathematics” with “I find it very hard to study mathematics but i will put my whole effort to learn mathematics”.
  •  “This world is full of bad people” with “This world is full of bad people but i have my parents and good friends to support me”.
  •  “My colleagues are jealous of me” with “My colleagues are jealous of me but they are the one due to whom i  grow”.
  • “I don’t have much money” with “I don’t have much money but i will earn lot of money soon”.

d. Reframe your life events 

It is natural to become negative due to negative incidents and negative comments of people. You can reframe your negative thoughts with positive content. You can rewind the negative incident in your mind and move forward it like a movie.

In this process, you should replace all your negative thought patterns with positive content. This process should be repeated until you get relaxed and positive

For example, You are upset due to loose talk with one of your colleague. You can rewind in your mind the whole incident from the beginning and move it slowly into forward direction. You can replace all abusive words with positive words.

2. Clear Goal

Your goal should be crystal clear in your mind if you want Law of attraction to work for you. You should be very clear about what kind of grade, job, life partner ,salary  or anything you want to have.

For example, You want to have one million dollars. You can give yourself a cheque of a few million dollars with an expiry date of one year after the current date. You should keep it in your pocket and see it everyday so that you remain aware of your goal.

You can also take a chart paper and write the amount you want to earn in a year and fix it on the wall where you can see it moving in and out of your house.

3. Complete Faith

The important  condition to use this law is that you should have complete faith that you will surely get whatever you are going to think and attract. Without strong faith it is impossible to attract anything.

You can start with small things first and later on try bigger things.  For example you can start with a thought to attract a cup of tea/coffee followed by getting a book of your choice and many more things

4. Visualize

You should visualize what you want to have. Your vision must be clear and crisp. Without clear and crisp it is not possible to get anything.

For example, you want to have a  beautiful office, you can download a  picture of a beautiful office from internet and fix it somewhere in your bed room where you can see it  coming in and out of your room. This way you would have clear visualization of the office you want to have. After clear visualization, law of attraction will start working for you.

5. Enter your dream world

Everyone has a world of his dreams. You should imagine that you have got everything you want to have even if it doesn’t exit. This will help Law of attraction to understand what you exactly want.

For example, you want to have a house with three rooms along with kitchen garden and all necessary household equipments. You should imagine that you already have the house of your dreams even if it doesn’t exist. You can also visit houses which are on sale hence attracting house of your dreams.

6. Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the biggest obstacle in fulfillment of your dreams. Most of the middle class people consider money and success as something which can make you corrupt and heartless. Such kind of limiting beliefs obstruct the flow of money and success into your life.

Such kind of beliefs are unintentionally filled into your minds by your family or relatives who are themselves not rich and successful. You need to get rid of such kind of limiting beliefs to allow law of attraction to work for you.

7. Don’t share your plan

It is always good to hide your success plan from others. This is because when you share your plan with others there is a good possibility that you will be discouraged by them hence making you negative. So you will not be able to achieve what you want.

8. Keep patience

Patience is very important for using law of attraction as it takes some time to fulfill your desires.  So you need to keep patience while manifestation of your desires.  Loosing patience will only result in delay in fulfillment of your desires.

How i have implemented this law

I became aware of this law after watching a movie named “The Secret”. After watching this movie, i tried to implement this law to find parking place in a very crowded market. To my surprise, i was able to get proper parking place for me. I am always able to find parking place for my vehicle irrespective of the crowd and number of vehicles.

I wanted to become a writer, I wrote a complete book on programming language C++.  I took three years to write each and every word of that book.  Which later on got published by a prominent publisher of the area which is now being taught in various colleges and schools . This was just possible because i became aware of how to use law of attraction.

After typing the entire book on my PC I discussed about my book with one of my college professors. He saw the soft copy of book and guided me to modify the contents as per general formats of a book. He organized a meeting with owner of a book publishing house. After going through the contents, publisher got ready to publish the book and it got printed.


This article demonstrates the law of attraction. It also gives tips on how to use law of attraction to achieve whatever you want. The tips include positive thinking along with tips to be positive, having a clear goal with complete faith, visualizing and entering your dream world. Moreover it is always good to keep your plans inside your mind until you fulfill them.

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    1. We can try this law in our personal lives. It may be difficult initially but with practice, it becomes possible to use it.

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