Tips to be successful in life

Do you want to be successfull in life??

If you say yes, continue reading this article till the end.

Everybody in this world works hard to achieve success in one or other aspect of life. You may wish to be successful in your studies, business and career. But it is seen that many people are unable to achieve their desired success. You can implement following tips to be successful in life.

Set a Goal and Prepare for it

You must set a proper goal in your life.  Without a goal it is almost impossible to achieve it.

For example, you want to get good marks in exams, Set a goal that you want 80% marks in exam. Then start preparing yourself to  achieve that goal. Put your hard work and use your strong determination to achieve your desired goal.

Similarly suppose you want to get a job in Bank. You should inquire about the procedure to get such a job. You can search about the bank jobs available through bank web sites or using some search engine like or

Once you become aware about the procedure. you should start preparation for clearing the exam and interview of the bank. You can take professional coaching or take help of free or paid online tutorials for clearing the exam and interview.

Suppose you want to start a  new business. It is always good to choose one area in which you want to do business. Visit existing shops, showrooms and websites related to products or service you want to sell. You can also work at an existing shop to know about how to deal with customers, how to purchase products from manufacturers, how to bargain ,margins in the business and profit/loss in the business.


“Visualize in your mind what you want to achieve in your life”.

Visualization is very important step towards being successful. Visualization is the  process in which you have to create a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve after becoming successful. This visualization can be of the job, salary, business, car, house or anything else you want to have.

You need to imagine that you have got everything even if it is not there. For example, you can give yourself a cheque of million dollars even if you don’t have that much amount in your bank account.

This technique was adopted by Jim Kerry, a famous Hollywood comedian who issued himself a cheque of few million dollars even when he was not a successful actor. After few years he was able to encash that cheque. Just because of visualization, he was able to be successful in  life.

Self Belief

“Believe yourself to become successful”.

You should have strong belief in yourself that you would surely achieve success. With each passing day, this belief should keep on getting stronger. People may make fun of you or discourage you but you should never allow anyone to shatter your belief in your capabilities and determination.

Comfort Zone

“Comfort zone is the way of living in present circumstances”

Everyone lives in an environment which fits into his comfort zone. To be successful in life, you need to skip out of your comfort zone. Comfort zone always keeps you stuck in the present circumstances. Whoever became successful in this world had left their comfort zone to reach where they are.

It is generally not easy to leave the comfort zone as it brings different kinds of fears and uncertainties but without leaving it you can’t proceed towards success.


“Prejudices are predefined patterns of our thoughts”.

From the very childhood most of the parent tell their children that money can’t be earned honestly or money makes you corrupt and may other negative thoughts about money and success.

You need to remove such kind of prejudices to move towards success.

Take help

“Take help of others if you need”. 

Everyone in this world has expertise in one or other area. You should never hesitate to take help of experts as it can save your time to achieve what you want.

For example, you want to internationalize your business. You can either learn web designing  and then create website for your business but they may not be so lucrative for your customers or you can take help of some website developer to create website for you quickly and easily along with search engine optimization.


Without obsession it is almost impossible to achieve anything in life.

You should have strong obsession for which  you want to be successful in life.

Remain Calm

Keep your calm while moving towards success.

While moving towards success, there may be conditions and situations which may frustrate you at one or other point of life. It is always good to keep calm at such moments because only a calm mind can take good decisions. You can meditate to remain calm.


In this article different tips have been suggested to be successful in life. These tips include setting a goal and preparing for it, visualizing what you want to have in your life, believe in yourself, get away from all kinds of prejudices, coming out of your comfort zone and taking help of others to be successful in life.

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