Tips to deal with bulleys in school or college

This article has been written for those students who are bulleyed in one way or other by their class mates or seniors in their school or college. It contains Tips to deal with bulleys in school or college.

Bulley is a person or group of people who enjoy torturing or teasing  others intentionally or unintentionally. There is an international survey which says that two third of the students are victims of bulleys during their student life.

The main traits of a bulley include dominating , abusing or hurting his class mates or other students of his age group or juniors. The scars given by a bulley are  generally  deeper than they appear. They are generally emotional rather than physical.  Victims of bulley may go in depression and take extreme steps if not counselled properly.

I have a student who  is at  the end of his teenage but he is very introvert. This is because he was constantly tortured for many years by bulleys before entering his teenage. His behaviour is just the result of being bulleyed. He had discussed his problem with his parents but he received no help as they thought he should handle himself.

Tips to deal with bulleys in school or college are:

  • Avoid interacting with bullies
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Discuss with your teachers and parents

Avoid interacting with bullies

It is better to avoid talking or interacting with bulleys as they are in the habit of hurting other so they are not going to spare you too.

Keeping distance from them will keep you at peace. Don’t try to fight back as both of you may get injuries. Responding to bulleys can only satisfies their ego as they want you to behave in this way.

Don’t be afraid

You fear is the  power of a bulley. Stay bold and strong while your interaction with other friends, classmates or even bulleys. It is the general nature of bulleys to hurt the weak.

You can also make good friends and keeping yourself in their company can keep you safe .

Discuss with your teachers and parents

This is the best way to deal with a bulley. It is always good to share your problem with teachers and parents  as they can surely help you to deal with such bulleys. If you don’t deal with them they will always be a headache for you and others.

During my college days, one of my friend was bulleyed by his friends on regular basis. Due to this he was unable to focus on his studies and other college activities. This bullying reached at its peak when he was brutally beaten by them.

Then he discussed his problem with his father and filed an FIR against them. After that day, all bulleys disappeared from his life. He was then able to focus on his studies and other activities.

I would also advise parents and teachers that they should hear children and not take bulleys lightly as they can make life of other students a hell.


This article has been written to provide you Tips to deal with bulleys in school or college. These tips include avoid interacting with bulleys, keeping your fears away and sharing your problem with you parents or teachers  to resolve issues.

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